Playlist Mover - Guinea Pigs Needed

This is an ostensibly simple program. It only works with iTunes on a PC. I was moving my computer and needed to move the playlists over and didn't find anything that would do it so I tried to cobble something together myself with C#. Export XML versions of the iTunes playlists on the computer you want them moved from and import them into the new computer. This is alpha software so expect a lot of crashes.

Download Playlist Mover 0.26

.NET 4.52 is required for ths program to run. You can get it at Microsoft's .NET 4.52 page. I don't believe this program works with any OS older than Windows 7. I am certain it doesn't work with Windows XP.

This program is alpha software and comes with no guarantees, you use it at your own risk and I am not liable for anything that goes wrong because of it. You can email me bug reports here.


Version Updates

0.26 (8/5/15)

m3u special characters path fix (now encodes the files in ISO-8859-1, to force Unicode encoding save with the extension .m3u8), now saved in Visual Studio 2015


Now exports to m3u for wider compatibility


First version, almost stable enough to be alpha